Clock repairs by an expert family run business

Alongside our other services, one of the areas of skill and expertise we have is in clock repairs. While modern, mass-produced clocks are usually not worth the cost or time to repair when they break, antique or reproduction clocks are a very different matter. If you have an ailing timepiece that needs looking after, ask us for an estimate. We’ll undertake any work sensitively and with meticulous attention to detail.

Clock repairs in Sussex and Surrey

Clock Repairs

  • Repairs & cleaning
  • Advice on maintenance
  • Restoration of antiques & reproductions
  • French polishing
  • Throughout West Sussex & beyond

How We Work

Wear, tear and damage to a clock very often occurs internally, among the delicate parts that are not ordinarily on show. Storage in a damp atmosphere or simply the passage of time may result in corrosion. Everyday usage can cause cause parts to erode, become brittle or snap. The exterior is not immune from damage either: storage in direct sunlight can fade wooden casings and even the clock face itself. And then, there can be accidental damage caused by dropping the clock or knocking it while in transit. 

The level of damage and the amount of work required to restore the clock to its former state needs to be carefully assessed. We are skilled in doing this and can then present you with options for the work involved. Once we have agreed the desired outcomes with our client, we then dismantle the clock workings in their entirety and inspect them fully for wear and tear. We will remove any rust or corrosion, clean the area and each part, replace any broken springs or other parts and lubricate moving parts before reassembling the whole.

Free Collection and Delivery

Your clock will be tested to ensure it is in full working order before it is returned to you. To enquire further about our clock repairs service, call us today on 01903 740 772.

Furniture restoration in Sussex and Surrey

"A family friendly business, A.E. Booth & Son was very professional and provided a high quality of workmanship. Offering good value for money, they made an excellent job of mending a whole range of old pine furniture items that had been damaged/broken."



Choose our experienced furniture specialists for antique furniture restoration, repairs or restoration to reproduction and modern furniture, polishing on both traditional and modern pieces, reupholstering and insurance work. We operate across East and West Sussex and Surrey. Call us now on 01903 740 772 or email to get a free estimate for your work today.