French polishing in Sussex and Surrey by a team of experts

French polishing is just one of the wood finishing techniques that we are able to apply or restore here at A. E. Booth & Son. It is one of the most popular for antiques and reproduction pieces of furniture and serves to enhance the beauty of the natural wood. Ring to enquire about our French polishing services for your furniture.

French polishing in Sussex and Surrey

French Polishing

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What French Polishing Consists of and Why It’s a Firm Favourite

French polish is not a type of substance applied to wood, but a technique used to bring out its sheen. It involves applying layer upon layer of shellac, each one thinly applied with a rubbing pad called a fad in a repeated, circular motion. The shellac, a natural resin dissolved in ethyl alcohol to form a liquid, creates a seal on the surface, protecting it from moisture. It also creates a high gloss and reveals the grain and lustre of the wood.

The process takes time and a great deal of patience, not to mention skill. Firstly, you must ensure that the right amount of shellac is applied for each layer, and then that it is applied with the right amount of pressure. The polish must then be left to work its way into the surface of the wood, leaving that blemish-free surface that restores the condition of the piece. And finally, it is leveled and often buffed and waxed before the piece is finished.

Expertise from A. E. Booth & Son

At A. E. Booth & Son, we have the technique off to a fine art, as it were. Whether you require French polishing of an antique object or reproduction furniture, we have the skills to create the desired finish. For a free estimate of the work involved and an approximate price, please do contact us. We are always happy to advise on whether French polishing is suitable for your item or recommend one of the other finishes we can apply.

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