High-quality antique restorations in Sussex and Surrey

Antique restorations in Sussex and Surrey seek to work on older or valuable pieces of furniture or objects to restore them to a condition that is as close to the original as possible. Restoration might also be carried out to protect a piece from deterioration and preserve it for future generations. If you have valued pieces that need loving attention from a team of experts, A. E. Booth & Son have the skill and the patience.

Antique restorations in Sussex and Surrey

Antique Restorations

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What Restorations Often Involve

The piece that you would like restoring must be assessed and your wishes as the client will be taken into account. We will need to ascertain the extent of the work you would like doing for how it will be used or displayed on a daily basis. Is the item to be restored to close to original condition, say? In this case, new materials may be used to protect and enhance the piece, such as reupholstering it in new fabric or leather; new brass work fittings applied and so on. Perhaps you are more interested in preserving as many of the existing features as possible; in which case, elements such as the original patina or finish will be retained.

All this means that we really need to see the piece in person to determine the cost of the restoration; and even then, it can be difficult to estimate an exact price as new issues could be revealed once work begins on the item. However, our many years of experience have stood us in good stead in being as open and transparent with customers as we can be about the task in hand and the results that are capable of being achieved.

Get in Touch for Expert Advice

If you would like to discuss the restoration of an antique in your ownership, please do give our friendly, helpful team a call. We’ll arrange to visit your home if appropriate to give you our expert advice on how to proceed.

Furniture restoration in Sussex and Surrey

"A family friendly business, A.E. Booth & Son was very professional and provided a high quality of workmanship. Offering good value for money, they made an excellent job of mending a whole range of old pine furniture items that had been damaged/broken."



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