Reproductions and modern restoration services by an expert team

Alongside our antiques work, we also carry out reproduction and modern restoration services on items that may not have the same long history but nonetheless have value for other reasons. As with our other services, we aim to deliver only the very highest standards of workmanship which, allied with the quality of materials that we use, means that we can breathe a new lease of life into your reproduction or modern furniture.

Reproduction and modern restoration in Sussex and Surrey

Reproductions & Modern Restorations

  • Breathe new life into your furniture
  • Work carried out by skilled craftsmen
  • Over eight decades in business
  • A superb reputation
  • Free estimates on request

Why Restore Reproductions and Modern Furniture?

Reproduction furniture consists of pieces that have been made to imitate or copy a popular style from the past. But just because they are replicas of the ‘real thing’, this does not automatically mean they lack value. Equally, modern furniture of quality can command high price tags. As a result, if you have furniture in which you have a lot invested, whether that’s financially or a more sentimental attachment, it can be worth considering restoration if the piece has become damaged or worn.

At A. E. Booth & Son, we judge each piece on its merits and can employ a range of skills and techniques to bring your furniture back to as close to its original condition as possible. Whether we are applying a new finish to a wooden table or renewing the upholstery on a chaise longue, we love to breathe new life into a much-loved object.

Free Estimates on Request

It can be difficult to put an exact price on the cost of a restoration, because we often cannot judge the full extent of the work until we look beyond its exterior. However, our level of experience means we are usually able to give you a written estimate based on your requests and our suggestions as to how the piece can be restored. The decision to proceed is then left to you. But if you do, we’ll transport the piece to our workshop for the duration of the project, then deliver it back to you once the work is complete.

To discuss a modern or reproduction restoration in more detail, please email us with photographs of your furniture, or ring and we’ll be happy to advise.

Furniture restoration in Sussex and Surrey

"A family friendly business, A.E. Booth & Son was very professional and provided a high quality of workmanship. Offering good value for money, they made an excellent job of mending a whole range of old pine furniture items that had been damaged/broken."



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